Get Php50.00 (convertible to Bitcoin) when you register with Coins.Ph and verify your account.
(Updated: March 23, 2018)

The following guide will show you, step-by-step, how to start your own semi-online business (or businesses) using website or app - registration is totally free.  :)

You can start the business with low or even no investment at all.  Plus you get free P50.00 in your account - you can use it to start your e-loading business or try the e-loading service yourself.


Coins.Ph - is a leading innovative website/app that offers an online Peso & Bitcoin wallet that you can use to start several businesses such as >> eLoading, Mini-Bayad Center and Remittance Services have been in business since 2014.  It is duly registered with both the Securities & Exchange Commission & Central Bank of the Philippines.
You can use for business and for your personal needs >> to load your own phone, to send money to your love ones in the Philippines - even if you're out of the country, to pay your bills & get rebates, to receive money for your freelance or V.A services, to send & receive bitcoins worldwide, and more.

Coins.Ph for business is highly recommended for students, retirees, stay-at-home parents, PWDs and other interested Filipinos looking to start a new business (full or part time). is ideal for currently employed individuals (as a sideline income) and for existing business owners (ex. sari-sari store or internet cafe owners) as an additional income source. is also recommended for Bitcoin enthusiasts >> to buy/invest/trade Bitcoins OR to collect free Bitcoins or Satoshis online. :)  

All you need is one (1) CoinsPh account for personal and/or business use.
No set-up or registration fees - you can join and start for free. 

As mentioned, you will even receive a welcome bonus of P50.00 cash in your account when you join and verify your account.  You can use it to start or try out the E-Loading business. ^_^

Other features of

  • No franchise fee, no royalties,
  • No special sim needed,
  • No additional equipment or device to buy,
  • No software to install,
  • System is user-friendly, 
  • Easy to use even for non-techies.

Plus >> you can access your account anywhere and manage your business/es using your internet-connected PC desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, phablet, android or smartphones.

Tips on how to start the business without investment or low investment is also included in this guide (Step 5) so make sure to bookmark the site and make time to explore it fully.

Are You Ready? Click on the link below to start. ^_^

>> Step #1: Check requirements.

IMPORTANT! >> Due to New York Bit License regulations, Coins.Ph no longer accommodates residents of the state of New York. 

Also, U.S. Residents are prohibited from using Coins.Ph for money transmission or to conduct any other financial activity requiring licensure or covered by regulations governing financial services.  However, US Residents (except those from New York) can still use the Bitcoin wallet feature.

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