How to Receive Money or Payment via CoinsPh

Receive Payment via Coins.Ph

(Receive Payment From Friends or Clients)

With Coins.Ph, you can request payment for your V.A. or freelancing services from your clients, or ask payment from your friends and relatives.  

All you need to know is their phone number, email address or Facebook name.

Here are the steps to request payment: 

(How to bill your clients/friends.)

Step 1. Login to your Coins.Ph account.  Click "My Wallet" then "Request". 

Step 2. Fill up the Payment Request form with the details of the person you are requesting payment from:

  1. His/her valid phone number, or his/her email address, or his/her Facebook name (applicable if your account is linked to Facebook),

  2. Amount that you are requesting,

  3. Indicate what the payment is for,

  4. Choose Audience (Public, Friends or Participants only), and

  5. Click "Send Request" button.

Step 3. Wait for your payment. That's about it! Because after making the request, will do the rest.

The person you are collecting payment from will receive a notification from and once they completed the payment, the money will be credited to your account automatically. :)

Note:  Additional fees may be included on top of the payment amount that you are requesting.

The person who owes you have the following options to pay or send his/her payment:

1. Thru Coins.Ph. (If he or she also have a Coins.Ph account -  No Fees)

2. Thru any 7-11 Branch in the Philippines. (No fees for P20.00 to P100.00 and 2% for P101.00 up to P20,000.00)

3. Thru M. Lhuillier, fees below:

  • P20.00 to P 1,000.00 >> 5% M Lhuillier fee plus P10.00 Coins.Ph fee
  • P1,001.00 to P4,000.00 >> 5% M Lhuillier fee plus 1% Coins.Ph fee
  • Above P4,000.00 >> 5% M Lhuillier fee plus P40.00 Coins.Ph fee
3. Thru Banco De Oro or BDO, fees below:

  • P15.00 to P1,000.00 >> P10.00 fee
  • P1,001.00 to P4,000.00 >> 1% of deposit fee
  • Above P 4,000.00 >> P40.00 fee

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