STEP #3: Verify Your Account

Verify Your CoinsPh Account

Aside from the welcome bonus & credits, verifying your account gives you access to more CoinsPh features. Verified accounts enjoy higher transaction limits and higher limits is a must if you are going to use CoinsPh for business.

Note: The identity verification is also CoinsPh's compliance with the BSP's (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) Know-Your-Customer or KYC Policy which is now being strictly enforced by the government.  

So get ready with your govt.-issued I.D., your webcam or camera phone and follow the steps below:

1. Login to your CoinsPh account.

2. If you are not yet selfie-verified, a notification like the one below will always show each time you login to your account.  Click on the "Take Selfie" button then follow succeeding instructions.  After the selfie verification process, the I.D. verification will automatically follow.

3. If above notification did not appear, click on the inverted triangle found at the upper-right-most area of your screen and select "Limits & Verifications".  Next click on "Verify Now" (Identity Verification) then follow succeeding instructions.

    Note: "Identity Verification" is where you fill up the I.D. verification form and upload a photo of your govt.- issued I.D.  After this process, the "Selfie Verification" will automatically follow.

     (Important >>Make sure that you upload a clear & complete photo of your I.D. Selfie photo must likewise be clear (not blurry) to ensure CoinsPh approval.)

4. Wait for CoinsPh email notification. It would normally take CoinsPh around 1 to 3 days to review your submitted I.D. & selfie photo.

While waiting, you can proceed to the next step which is funding your account.  You got to have funds in your account so you can start testing the system like how to load, transfer funds, etc...   

Ways to fund your CoinsPh account is the next step: